Spiritual Awakening and Embodying the “Real You”

We’re in the midst of a spiritual awakening all around us and within us.

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But what does spiritual awakening really mean and why is it such an important piece of our own personal growth?

To get a better understanding, check out the short, inspirational video below from famous British philosopher, Alan Watts. He shares his profound wisdom of understanding who we really are and what it actually means to spiritually “wake up”.

Why This Is So Important

The message in this video is especially relevant right now because the dogma of organized religion, in many ways, has kept our spiritual evolution frozen in the past.

But in recent years more and more people are breaking free from having to repress their feelings of obligation to follow just one religion and other societal norms. This has opened the floodgates for people to search for their own truths and discover the many facets of spirituality as a whole for themselves.

Many are taking their lives back into their own hands and escaping the model of “the right way to live” imposed by society for far too long. No longer do we have to live a life dictated by the media, archaic customs, social classifications and mindless clichés.

How Spiritual Awakening Happens

Spiritual awakening is truly unique to each of us.

For some it can happen in a moment’s notice because of a hardship such as illness, loss of a loved one or a near death experience. These traumatic life events can trigger the awakening of a person’s sense of reality.

For others, the process of awakening can be over several months or even years.

This is how my awakening came to be.

It’s been a process for over four years now, but it was brought on by a series of traumatic events in my life. I’ve had multiple smaller awakenings that have been short-lived, but kept me motivated enough to continue my search for the truth. It wasn’t until recently that I started experiencing longer lasting higher levels of consciousness.

Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfillment.

– John O’Donohue

What Spiritual Awakening Is Like

For some people the process of awakening, at least in the beginning, can be a painful process, especially when the awakening was triggered by trauma.

As the old saying goes, sometimes you have to go through darkness to get to the light.

Life’s many roller coasters can delay awakening caused by feelings of overwhelm, frustration, confusion and lack of control. This is exacerbated by the complexity and distractions of the modern world, technology and the ever-nagging flood of useless information we are plagued with on a daily basis.

As awakening begins, it can be scary and disorienting which can result in temporary feelings of depression and anxiety.

This brings up an important part of spiritual awakening and finding yourself, having your own regular prayer or meditation practice. Having this in place will help you as you transition through the awakening process and into feelings of happiness, tranquility, peace and empowerment.

When spiritual awakening takes place, the “knowing” that comes with it creates strong feelings of bliss, confidence, faith, acceptance and unconditional love.

Powerful psychic healing takes place and negative emotions and memories leave the body and life energy is restored.

Another interesting thing that often happens is that your senses are heightened with spiritual awakening; this includes not only sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, but can also be increased intuition.

You could experience more inspiration and creativity and new talents can even develop. Some people also are suddenly able to see auras, develop channeling and psychic abilities, are able to astral project or develop energy healing abilities to name a few possibilities.

Who is the “REAL you”?

For generations, we’ve often been taught to pretend to be something we’re not and conform to social norms and stifle our “real selves”. But your true self, your real essence, is beautiful and should be embraced.

Why not share that with the world?

When we get to know, embrace and become our true selves, we’ll see the world around us in a whole new light. We’ll understand and respect each other on a deeper level. We’ll arrive at the deeper “knowing” that we are all one with the Universe.

What will you do to advance your spiritual evolution to the next level?

The School for Your Soul

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Now over to you…

So there you have it, that’s my take on spiritual awakening and embodying the “real you”.  How do YOU express the “real you”? Let us know in the comments below and if you found this post helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and followers. 🙂